Tea inspired recipes

We like to take our love of tea to another level. It's so easy to bake and cook with our organic blends, and it makes things seem so special (which is our kind of cooking!).

We hope you enjoy creating and sharing these delights with your friends and family. If you have a special request or recipe you'd be proud to introduce us to please send us an email.

Runaway Rose Gin and Tonic Runaway Rose Gin and Tonic
This light twist on gin and tonic is a delightful way to ease into the evening.
runaway rose delight Runaway Rose Delight Slice
Be transported by the hints of rose, pistachio, honey and toasted coconut in this raw slice topped with rich dark chocolate.
Kapow Popcorn
A sweet, spiced moreish alternative to caramel corn with no refined sugar.
Kpaoe Cold Brew
Such an easy way to please a crowd at a weekend BBQ, cold brew kapow is full of flavour. An added bonus is that the longer infusion time brings out the powerful digestive properties of the herbs.
Kapow Tea mini loaf
Moist and moreish with a hint of a zing, these mini loaves are great for morning tea, picnics or to wrap and give as gifts.
black peper kapow tea focaccia Black Pepper and Kapow Tea Focaccia
This focaccia smells fantastic baking, and tastes even better on the table alongside a tomato salad and cheeses for a simple, satisfying lunch.
Runaway Rose Jelly Runaway Rosé Jelly
A bright aromatic jelly, perfect with your favourite cheeses or slathered on sourdough toast.
Kapow tea popsicle Kapowsicles

An energising kapow and apple juice summer treat that comes together as fast as boiling the jug.

Perfection in a glass. Runaway Rose Martini
Described as perfection in a glass; simple, sexy and utterly delicious.